SPCA Wednesday! Meet Melody & Harmony

March 1, 2017

Does your life need a little magic and music added to it? Bring us home, and you'll be singing sweet melodies in perfect harmony all day, EVERY day!

We are HARMONY and MELODY and we can't wait to find our new home!  We're living at the SPCA's adoption site at Eastern Hills Mall at the moment, but we're patiently awaiting our new, REAL home with a new, loving family!

Harmony's the shy one...I'm Melody, and it's a good thing I'm here, since I'm a little more outgoing and teach Harmony all kinds of things about life that she doesn't have to be afraid of -  like curling up on your lap! We've been together since we were born, and we can't imagine a day without the other!

We agree on  most things, especially this - we'd love a quieter, relaxed home where we can just chill out in our new surroundings. We'll be music to your ears....and if you don't believe us, just take a look at our video: