SPCA Wednesday! Meet Matthau!

August 15, 2018

Welcome to PURRassic Bark! Through August 25: all cats one year and older at the SPCA and at our offsite adoption locations have $10 ADOPTION FEES! Now that's a deal the size of a dinosaur!

I'm MATTHAU, and even though I was named after the famous grumbly, crabby actor, I'm a sweet guy at heart! I make funny, grumbling sounds when I talk, but trust me, I'm saying nice things! I appreciate a nice, calm, daily routine and I'd love to be your one and only furry friend! So come adopt me and let's watch reruns of "The Odd Couple" together! Visit me today in the Featured Cat Room of the SPCA and let's see if we make the perfect couple! Plus, like my namesake, I am a real celebrity! My media moment: Wednesday, August 15, 8:10 am on Star 102.5 FM Radio with Rob Lucas!