SPCA Wednesday! Meet Lizzie The French Bulldog

September 14, 2016

Can Lizzie be the girl for you? Oui oui! She's one of the most popular breeds today: the Bouledogue Français! You may know her as a FRENCH BULLDOG!

Lizzie is just a little peanut of a girl, just 18 pounds and about 7 years old. This little sweetie was rescued from a breeding operation by the fantastic group FUREVER FRIENDS DOG RESCUE OF WNY; she was brought here to the SPCA so we can help her find a family who will NOT make her work endlessly, who will love her always for the rest of her life, and who will take the time to help her get used to a brand new wonderful life!

Lizzie was having a very, very difficult time adjusting to shelter life, so you won't see her at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter. She's living in a wonderful foster home, which means good things to potential adopters....there is a family who is learning how Lizzie behaves in a home environment, who notices her likes and dislikes, who can tell us if she's good with other dogs and able to acclimate to a household routine, and how she does interacting with various members of the family. These items are impossible to note in a shelter environment.

Make an appointment to meet Lizzie TODAY! Call Sheryl at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter, 716-629-3537! Bonne fille, Lizzie!