SPCA Wednesday! Meet Little Joe

June 28, 2017

"Nothin' but a hound dog?" No such thing here at the SPCA! Little Joe is a hound dog and SO much more!!

This is a happy, handsome 6-year-old...pleasant, with a sweet and gentle disposition. Many hounds love sniffing around and exploring, and Little Joe is no exception - as long as he's with his people to keep him company! And after a nice, leisurely stroll outdoors, he can't wait to cuddle up with his people for a long, summer's nap!

Little Joe is a fan of all people, big AND small! In fact, his favorite time here at the SPCA has been spent learning new tricks from his 11 to 13-year-olds in our Teaching Love and Compassion program! We'll show you everything Little Joe has learned when you come to meet him in person!

Call SPCA Adoptions for more information about Little Joe: 716-875-7360, ext. 233! Don't forget to watch his adorable video, and remember to tune in for his radio segment on Star 102.5 FM Wednesday, June 28, 8:10 am with Rob Lucas!