SPCA Wednesday! Meet Cornelius!

October 12, 2016

Cornelius is a good-lookin’ four -year-old hound mix who came from the Haven hoarding case in North Carolina. Back in January, the ASPCA learned that the Haven was an unlicensed facility that had more than 700 animals living there that weren’t taken care of and they undertook this massive case. The animals were living in filthy kennels, cages, outdoor pens, and paddocks. Many animals had no protection from the elements and suffered from serious, untreated medical issues including open wounds, severe upper respiratory disease, and emaciation. Read about the case here.

Coming from that sad situation, it came as no surprise that the time spent there left many of the animals in a sort of PTSD state. They were unaccustomed to many things that pet dogs in our homes take for granted – love, pets, and companionship. After he was rescued, he lived in a facility with the ASPCA emergency response teams. Shortly after the animals were signed over to the ASPCA, he was brought to the ASPCA Canine Rehabilitation Center at St. Hubert’s in New Jersey where he could receive intense treatment. In New Jersey, he spent time working with canine rehabilitators building his confidence around new people and things. 

He was fostered by an ASPCA employee, who fell in love with him. He lived successfully in her home with another dog. He walks nicely on his gentle leader halter, which comes with him. His foster mom said that it took him about a week in her home to decompress and chill out, but he soon developed a relationship with her, her fiancé, and their dog. 

A mature, patient home is recommended. He can go with or without another dog, and a meet and greet is required to make sure that your dog and Cornelius will be buddies.