SPCA Wednesday! Meet Becca And Sandra

March 13, 2019

Hello and nice to meet you, I'm BECCA and I am here with my bestie SANDRA ! We are sweet and loving golden gals who are looking for the warm and loving home that we so deserve. If you're in need of a best friend to snuggle up with, join you on a leisurely stroll, or simply be there to greet you and make you smile at the end of a long day, then I'm the girl for you! No need to worry about rambunctious puppy antics- We've got the experience and manners to propel us right to low maintenance, lifelong best friend status. We really don't ask for much! A walk here, a treat there, a bit of cuddles- just being with you makes us happy pups! The best part about me is that I've got a sister named Sandra who is just as sweet as I am. I couldn't bear to leave her, so you can get double the dose of happiness when you take us home together! Do you have room in your heart for the two most wonderful gals in town? Take us home and we promise to be your most loyal and loving companions for the rest of our days.

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