SPCA Wednesday! Adoption Fee Waved For Girlfriend!

July 27, 2016

Been wishing for a true girlfriend in your life? One without all the drama that girlfriends sometimes bring to your life? Well wish no more, because we have the girlfriend you've been waiting for!

GIRLFRIEND, a 20-pound Manchester Terrier mix, has quite a bit of experience being the perfect friend. She was in a loving home where she learned all about trust and affection. Sadly, her owner is facing medical issues and had to surrender the best girlfriend ever. So now Girlfriend is waiting for her new best friend...her new family...at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter!

Who wouldn't want a girlfriend like this in her life? She loves being pampered on spa days. She loves curling up in front of a good Lifetime movie. She enjoys company, so girls' nights would be her favorite nights. She's emotionally available, and THAT'S something you don't find every day. Here's a girlfriend who will always be loyal...will always be devoted...will always listen...will always keep your secrets between you two. Some people spend their entire lives searching for a friend like this!

ADOPTION FEE WAIVED! Girlfriend is 10 years old, and all dogs 10 and older (and right now, cats 5 months and older) at the SPCA Serving Erie County enjoy a waived adoption fee! Seems fitting in this case since the friendship, love, affection, devotion, loyalty, and more Girlfriend has to offer you is INVALUABLE!!