Smart Thoughts On Marriage From Jay Leno

December 9, 2015
Seriously, in one little quip from an interview with NBC, Jay Leno gives the BEST marriage advice.  Had to share...

Jay Leno tells NBC that he knows the secret to being married for 35 years. "The trick is to marry, like, a normal person. I always meet people who go, 'I met this girl, she's crazy, the sex is wonderful.' [And I say] 'I know, I know, but you know, when the sex is over, she's still crazy.' That's the problem. Here's the secret: You marry your conscience ... You marry the person you wish you could be. That's what I did. I'm in show business, which is a selfish profession, so I married a woman that works very hard for women's rights and other issues like that and it balances out. You marry the person you wish you could be.''