Rob Lucas Wonders: What's The Worst Song Of All Time? The Twittersphere Says It's By A Beatle!

October 28, 2016

A guy in England posted tweeted on simple question:

“Dear Twitter, What is the song you most detest and despise? Thank you.”

A few thousand responses later, the winner seemed to be John Lennon’s IMAGINE.

So what hit song do you hate the most?  And it’s likely for numerous reasons: over-played, over-used, over-cried over, overly analyzed, overly canonized.  Or it just reminds you of a bad time in your life or something awful happening.  Tweet us your most detested hit song @mystar1025.  

The NY POST’s write up and never ending song list from how this this all went viral will give you a few ideas.


Rob’s starter “most hated song ever list is: 

  • Bob Seger – Old Time Rock And Roll
  • Queen – We Are The Champions


(and keep checking back, we’ll add to the list as we think of them)