Rob Lucas Weekend Report: Buffalo River History Tour Is Awesome!

June 27, 2016

To beat the heat Rob Lucas and his wife hopped on one of the Buffalo River History Tours on Sunday! 

It was amazing! You will learn so much on this tour...

  • The Buffalo River is man-made, hand dug by mainly Irish immigrants! 
  • It's twisty in order to have more riverbank to allow for more factories!
  • 300 Foot long boats getting loose from docks and running into Michigan Street lift bridge resulted in flooding that went back to West Seneca and Caz Creek!
  • Many of the old style loading systems on the side of the silo's are on railroad wheels and tracks (see the pics below)
  • Some of the silos ARE still in use.  Some are on the Preservation list.  Some really should be torn down (Rob's opinion)
  • The average lifespan of those who worked in the silos as sweepers and shoveler's...35 yrs!  They died of numerous respiratory issues due to inhaling grain dust!