Rob Lucas Sez The Best Of Buffalo Can Be Found At...

July 31, 2017

Hope you had a great Buffalo weekend!  I (Rob) had a terrific one, highlighted by a stop at a place that I can't believe more don't go to...Hoyt Lake!

A Sunday morning dog walk around Hoyt Lake is very simply the BEST OF BUFFALO!  The area has been well kept all summer, and is one of my favorite spots in the city during any season.  With the panoramic view looking West across the lake from Marcy Casino to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and across the “Bridge of Three Americas” to the Historical Building and Lincoln statue, you can’t help but feel that you are in the middle of Washington DC on the National Mall.  Actually better, with less traffic and a more natural scene.  And the spires of Rockwell Hall at Buff St and Our Lady Of Black Rock only add to the majesty.  Hoyt Lake just might be the most under-utilized “get away from the city” area while still staying in the city!  As you can see, Penny the Westie loved the view from the steps of the art gallery.  She tackled them like Rocky in Philadelphia!