Rob Lucas Says Pink's Beautiful Trauma Is...

November 6, 2017

© Anthony Behar

I’ve spent a lot of time with Pink’s new album BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA.  It’s her best recorded vocal performance ever.  Anyone who doesn’t think she has pipes…you’ll think differently after one front-to-back album listen.  I’m betting she’ll be nominated for Best Vocal performance in the 2018 Grammy’s, and it may be for a song that is not even released yet.

It’s also her least commercial album.  You won’t find a “Get The Party Started” on Beautiful Trauma. You will find some hard paced, fun, raunchy, up-tempo songs, but aside from the title cut and 3 other ballads (including "What About Us"), it’s not commercially filled with pop song hits.  But that’s okay.  Pink has earned the right to do an album that is different…filled with emotional ballads and compelling harder songs.  Oh, and btw, if ANY of the up-tempo songs are to be released as singles, they will need to be heavily edited.  Pink likes to swear.  A lot.  Even when she’s talking about the nicest, sweetest thing ever, she’ll slip in an F, B, or S word...a lot!

Finally, props to the engineers and producers of Beautiful Trauma.  It is simply the cleanest and best produced album I have heard in forever.  It’s not overly modulated…the music breathes.  Piano solos seem softer than guitar solos.  In modern digital terms, this music has a lot of rollercoaster wave form.  The way it should be, not smashed and compressed for maximum loudness.

And that’s why you should buy Pink’s Beautiful Trauma!