Rob Lucas Saw “Hamilton,” And Says It’s…

November 26, 2018

…absolutely PERFECT!   I (Rob) saw the 2pm Saturday after Thanksgiving performance.  Had seats in middle balcony about halfway up, which after seeing how many lighting effects are used on the double rotating stage that many in the orchestra level can’t see, I’m actually glad I was up above. (Ticket hint for those going in the future).  It is a bit a of a trade off in that you get less of the up-close facial expressions from the cast, but more of the overall production effects.

So how good was “Hamilton?”  Sooooo good that unless I get seats to see it from a completely different viewpoint, I may not ever want to see it again.  Because you just can’t beat perfection.  IT WAS THAT GOOD!  There are certain times you go to the theatre and the experience sticks with you forever, and “Hamilton” is one of those moments!  And I think it’s important to note that I’m not a big “Hamilton” groupie.  I don’t own the full soundtrack, have never seen it before, and like many bought tickets because I knew it was special, but truly didn’t know what to expect.  Other quickie Hamilton thoughts”

  • You knew the lead actors would be incredible…Austin Scott as Alexander Hamilton, Dorcus Leung as Eliza Hamilton, and Edred Utomi as Aaron Burr at my performance… but the ENTIRE CAST will blow you away!  Bryson Bruce as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson nearly stole the show at times with his “Prince-like” dancing in the second act as Jefferson, and over-the-top French accent while portraying Lafayette in Act One.
  • For those wondering “Can I understand a show full of historical rap?” The answer is YES, and the show is not all rap.  Out of the 20 plus numbers, about 10 are straight rap pieces, another 5 are nearly spoken verse, and the rest sound like perfect ballads from Phantom, Cats, Wicked or “you name the iconic Broadway musical here.”
  • For those thinking they missed out on getting seats direct from the box office at regular prices:  Keep checking back at on a daily basis. As season ticket holders change tickets/performances, and tickets that are held back for cast member use go unclaimed, they are put on sale at regular price.   And again, don’t be scared by balcony tickets.   I think the Loge up to Row P of the balcony are just as good if not better than Orchestra seats further back.
  • At some point, this show should be put to tape and be required viewing for all 8th graders.  It would not only get them interested in American history and theater, it is the type of show college and high school courses could be taught about.
  • Most know the ending. Hamilton vs. Burr. Duel.  But the amazing way the performance of “Hamilton” is put to bed will surprise you in its simplicity…a musical paragraph of the final years of each character…and in how much it has you crying.   There was a couple next to me where the wife was commenting on how much her husband was bawling.  Of course he denied it.   But I won’t.  Cuz “Hamilton” was just that perfect!
  • Is there anything prettier than Shea's all dressed up for the holidays?  I don't think so!