Rob Lucas Had An Interesting Biking Experience This Weekend!

July 17, 2017

I need to do a shout out to some people I met in a neat little lunch shack in Akron on Saturday.  I was in Akron as my biking fanatic neighbor Ron took me on my greatest ride EVER, so far…about 36 miles from Transit Rd on the Clarence/Newstead bike path and through country roads up the hill to the Akron airport, and back.   Probably nothing for big bikers, but remember, it’s my first Summer for it…a new distance milestone for me.


Along the way we stopped for brunch at Fuzzy’s Place…East Avenue in Akron.  Little diner, the menu’s are handwritten on ruled paper (very cool) and the food and company is great! You can eat outside and hear the Akron Falls right behind about 200 ft away in the trees.  Jim & Judy were cooking and waiting…but the big shout out is to two kids between 9—11 yrs old think Judy’s niece and nephew…Annabell (with no “E”) and Jeremiah, who were their spending some of the summer with their Aunt Judy and were playing, coloring, on one of the table there!  They asked what brought us in, what we did, and I said I was on the radio and would them a shout out today..


And I also signed an autograph for Annabell and Jeremiah.  So we finished our lunch, and headed for the ride back…during which something happened that almost left those autographs being very valuable. 

The ride overall was great…set a new speed mark going down Tesnow Rd (in Akron) 37.8mph  (don’t even attempt that unless you KNOW the road and traffic…one little pothole can turn it from being a little scary, to life threatening) …upper 20’s on flats.  But we were about ½ way back and on the Newstead/ Clarence bike path…where it’s usually safest.  And that’s where I lost focus for a second. 

Ron was just in front of me, we were going 18-20 mph…avg speed.  No biggie.  My left mirror had been unstable all day, so I decided to reach over and tighten it.  Bad move when you are within inches of your biking buddy.  When I reached left, the bike pulled left, my front tire just clipped his rear.  When that happens, you front tire flips back towards the right and underneath you…and goes from 20mph to zero in half a second, But your back tire is still going 20.  And your body momentum stays at 20…so off the bike you go.

And you know those go-pro videos people take where everything is fine then all you hear a giant squeal of rubber, a yell, then the sky and ground careening over and over with your clothing color mixed in like you’re in washing machine until you see legs flying by (your own) followed by total silence and stillness?  That’s what happened to me!

Luckily…because of the smart way Bike Paths are designed, with a drop off on each side, while my bike slid on pavement for a few feet, I went down a grassy 4 ft drop…from what I’m told sideways summersaulting about 2x til I came to a stop.  I was very lucky, because as the dirt on my jersey showed, I hit with the left side body from knee to shoulder.

Ron was able to verify this as when he heard me yell he was able to turn just in time and and watch.  Apparently when I crash, I do it gracefully and almost in slo-mo, and am able to clip out while the ground and sky are flashing by.

While I was able to get up quickly, didn’t have the wind knocked out me, I did look like I was dragged through a field by a plow and had a pretty beat up knee. (you’ll see a pic along with others on my blog page).  And since I was in one piece…and this now qualifies me as a total biker…I was more concerned about the scratches on my bike and If I bent anything.  My left pedal used to say SHIMANO, now it says HIMA.  But it was totally ridable and once we got me cleaned up…thanks to crazy biking neighbor Ron, who basically carries more medical gear on his bike than you have in your bathroom and kitchen combined (Gauze, Neosporin, band aids, athletic tape, black electrical tape, pain pills, and about 30 more things)…we did finished off a great day off riding and had a ton of stories to tell. 

So Annabell and Jeremiah…hold onto those autographs…you never know when they could go up in value.  Hope not!

Though I must say this…even though we are getting some laughs out of this…DO NOT THINK I AM BEING FLIP OR TAKING THE POSITIVE OUTCOME OF A BIKING ACCIDENT FOR GRANTED!

It was caused by me doing a dumb thing…adjusting a mirror, when it could have waited.  There have been far too many instances of bike and motorcycle riders being injured or worse over the past two years.  When I think of what Ch 2’s Adam Benigni went through last year, being lucky to be alive…I can’t imagine dealing with a car-bike crash, let alone two bikes touching wheels on a bike path as happened to me.  I was a cautious rider to start with, and will be even more cautious now.  I don’t wanna be in a cast at the beach in August.  And I don’t you to be, either.

BTW, I won’t be living this down with my biking group anytime soon.  The pic below is one that Ron sent to me with the caption “I’m ready for our next ride.”  It’s basically a two wheel ambulance!