RLITM Says ONE LOVE MANCHESTER Was...Just About Perfect!

June 5, 2017


RLTIM thought the One Love Manchester concert could not have gone better, at least from the 3 plus hours we saw on American TV.  To us it seemed like this was the most natural, organic and love-filled concert since Live Aid.  Yes, even better than the post 9/11 Concert For New York, which was overly produced and was strife with stories of friction between performers.

Highlights were Ariana herself being in total control and in INCREDIBLE voice as she shared the stage with her peers…which is tough to do under any circumstance.   Justin Bieber’s acoustic set was really nice, and most of the acts underplaying and being underdressed for the occasion, wearing sweatshirts or the type of clothing you would wear going to the drug store, was a perfect touch.  Except for Katy Perry, who looked like she was doing a Vegas show.  It was too much.  For some reason, Katy can’t get out of her own way right now.  At the same time, it is tough to criticize someone who is donating their time to raise money for Manchester, so we’ll lay off Katy for now.

Chris Martin and Coldplay both with and without Ariana were a PERFECT final act, and the song “Don’t Look Back In Anger” was simply a primo choice, as was Ariana leading all performers in the “One Last Time“ finale.

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