RLITM Easter Palooza!

April 14, 2017

Happy Easter! Share these hip-hop happenin' facts with the family over all the ham, colored eggs & lilacs at the table.

  • The average chocolate bunny contains 35 teaspoons of sugar. It would take three hours of jogging or three hours of swimming to burn off the bunny. (YIKES, already exhausted)
  • Candystore.com claims Americans will eat 16 BILLION Jelly Beans on Easter. And get this...the number one Jelly Bean flavor is black licorice (Rob Lucas' Fav)
  • One Peep takes 6 seconds to make, which make around 3,500 per minute, which is over 4 million per day (Talk about a sugar rush)
  • Woman Collecting Easter Eggs For 47 Years: Sonia Erickson, of Fluvanna, Virginia, has been collecting Easter eggs for 47 years. She tells the Fluvanna Review that she travels around the world to collect her eggs. “I have 1,300 eggs. My favorite is the African egg because I had it in a box and kept in my lap while we were traveling to keep it from breaking. Everywhere we traveled we collected eggs. We haven’t traveled everywhere. We missed a continent or two.”

And don't forget about the famous Buffalo Dyngus Day celebration Monday 4/17!  Get your pussywillows ready!