Maybe One Of These "50 States Of Pie" Is Perfect For Your Holiday Table!

December 3, 2018

Rob Lucas Sez:  I've always considered myself a cake person, but the Food Network’s pictorial of 50 Pies from 50 States has me thinking otherwise.  There are sooooo many of these I wanna make (or have my wife make cuz she's so much better at baking than I am), and a few I NEVER wanna try!

My favorites: Grasshopper Pie from Illinois, Mississippi Mud Pie from Mississippi, Chocolate Sin Pie Form Nevada, and (of course) New York Cheesecake!

My "Nopes:"  Russian Salmon Pie from Alaska, Sour Cream Raisin from Iowa, Huckleberry Pie from Montana, and Frito Pie from New Mexico!

Click the link and see which might be right for your Christmas table!