It's Star Wars Day! May The Fourth Be With You...

May 4, 2018

Happy Star Wars Day!  Today we are "Star 'Wars' 102.5"...get it?  Hmmm maybe not.  Check out these crazy Star Wars facts to celebrate the holiday that's out of this world! 

  • Cover Girl is selling Star Wars lipsticks.  Dark Apprentice #30 is a dark, red lipstick with a slight shimmer while Droid #40 is a shimmery gold.  Jedi #70 is a nude-colored lipstick.
  • ​The energy company OVO Energy estimates that it would cost $7.8 octillion dollars per day to run the Death Star.  It would use 91,547,745,149 light bulbs! 
  • Bill McBride is the owner of the largest Darth Vader memorabilia collection in the world!  The "Star Wars" fanatic has been amassing his Vader shrine for over 20 years.  He has spent more than $280,000 on everything from figurines to replica lightsabers.  Several of the items in his collection are so rare that they don't even have a "market value," but some of his 60,000 toys could fetch as much as $16,000 if sold!  A man once offered to trade McBride his Porsche in exchange for a few of his precious Vader items, but McBride turned him down! 

  •  Bonnie Burton married an R2-D2 droid at a Star Wars fan convention.  She says, "Sometimes a girl just has to follow her heart no matter where it may lead. We have an open marriage, so I can still see other humans, but he is he droid for me."  Burton's father cried as he walked her down the aisle.  She wore a wedding veil, while R2 wore a large bow tie, and Darth Vader was the Best Man. 

  • A topical survey by the dating site reveals that 39% of singles would never take a date to see a "Star Wars" movie. Other findings include: 

             - most attractive Star Wars dates for women: Han Solo (33%), Luke Skywalker (17%) and Darth Vader and Yoda (8% each)

            - most attractive Star Wars dates for men: Princess Leia (45%) and Padme Amidala (38%)

            - 25% of women would never date a die-hard Star Wars fan.

            - 33% of women have avoided dating someone, who is obsessed with Star Wars.

            - 40% of women would run in the other direction if their date had Star Wars bed sheets.

            - 90% of men are open to Star Wars role playing in the bedroom.

           - 45% of women would rather kiss a Wookie than be involved with Star Wars role playing in the bedroom  


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