It's National Eat An Oreo Cookie Day! What Kind Of Oreo Are You Addicted To?

June 19, 2018


Today we are celebrating America's favorite cookie because it's National Eat An Oreo Cookie Day!  Take out your favorite Oreo flavor and some milk and celebrate! 

Rob Lucas swears he can down a package of Oreo Thins in less than an hour!  His wife doesn't doubt it, as she knows when she buys them that they will be half gone within 48 hours, and that's only because Rob knows she's watching!  Producer Erika loves Double Stuffed Oreos and making Oreo Balls!  Producer Rosie makes a mean Oreo Ball! 

BroBible claims researchers recently studied Oreo cookies to find out how long you should dunk them in milk for. Researchers say three seconds is the optimal time. “Oreos absorbed 50 percent of their potential liquid weight in just one second. After two seconds, they absorbed 80 percent. The number flatlined briefly for a second. After the fourth second, the cookie maxed out.”

A study by Connecticut College reveals that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine. Professor Joseph Schroeder tells CBS he used lab rats to prove his point. “When we looked in the pleasure center of the brain, we found that the Oreo cookies activated the pleasure center more so than cocaine would activate the same center. The study’s findings are being used to explain how humans just can’t avoid eating high-fat treats, lending credibility to the oft-used saying that “[Insert food here] is so good, it’s like crack.”