It's Chips vs. Chips In This Bracket! See How Well Your Favorite Did!

April 2, 2019

Choosing your favorite potato chip is incredibly subjective and relative to mood, location and the drink you are pairing it with.  Some days a chip with heavy nacho cheese feels right, other days you want something light and airy.  And no matter which chip is your favorite, the person next to you will totally disagree.

The folks at USA Today tested out 32 types of chips in bracketed by type, “salty”, “corn,” “fancy,” and “flavored,” to determine the best overall chip.  Chances are your “go-to” chips are somewhere in here.  In fact, two of Rob Lucas’ favorite chips made it to the final four, and the one he picked as his favorite at the beginning actually won!

Click this chip filled video from USA TODAY to see where you favorite ended up, and if you agree with the results!  Warning:  It’ll make you wanna hit the vending machine afterward!