Hey...It's Randy Bushover Appreciation Week at Star 102.5!

February 25, 2019

Every weekday morning you hear WBEN's Randy Bushover deliver the news during Rob Lucas' morning show, and often fill in with traffic on Star 102.5.  He's one of those tireless underestimated players in our building, so we decided to put together an entire week of excitement for him, just because! 

A company wide e-mail on Friday from Producer Jimmy said the following: 

"Hi All, 

Today we announced that next week (actually the next 9 days) will be Randy Bushover Appreciation Week.  

If you see him around the building please congratulate him on this great achievement!  Well done Randy!

Please stay tuned for further announcements." 

Monday morning we surprised Randy with 5 dozen donuts! But now we're out of ideas so this will be a loooooonnnngggg rest of the week!