Here's The 2018 Bills Schedule, And Rob Lucas' Thoughts

April 20, 2018

As you make your plans to see the Bills at home or on the road, here's what Rob Lucas sez...

Sexiest home games:

  • The opener vs the Chargers (Home openers are always a big party) 
  • Monday night vs the Pats (We hope the feeling after the game is the same as before)
  • November 25th vs J-Ville (The return of Doug Marrone and losing to Blake Bortles in the playoffs makes this a payback game)
  • December 30 vs Miami (Hoping that this one will be important to the playoff push and maybe even be flexed to a night game) 

Sexiest road games:

  • September 9th in Baltimore (Always a great road trip, like Buffalo, Charm City is one big party and it's a winnable game) 
  • September 23rd in Minnesota (The Vikes new stadium is awesome and they've got a great team) 
  • September 30th at Green Bay (An historic road trip to the frozen tundra, before it gets cold) 
  • December 2nd in Miami (Always good to head south in a stadium that has more Bills fans than Dolphins fans at a time when it could be snowing here) 

Random notes: 

  • This is a tough schedule not only because of the teams they're playing but in the way it's laid out. 
  • Playing three of the first four on the road, and having two of them being Minnesota and Green Bay is a toughie. 
  • You can look at having three home games in December as a positive if there's a playoff push, or as a negative if the season hasn't gone so well and you're looking at a cold half-empty stadium. 
  • I would call this schedule "blah," "meh" overall.  Home games against Chicago, Detroit, and even Tennessee look pedestrian.  Roadies at Houston, Indy and seem antiseptic. That's about 30% of the schedule.  

And finally, don't try to guess which games the Bills will win or lose quite yet.  There hasn't even been a draft yet, or summer trades, and you know there will be.  And we have NO idea who the Bills QB will be (though I'm fine with both Peterman and McCarron...or a drafted rookie).  Save the win/loss/win/loss predictions for Labor Day weekend!