Help Reunite Pebbles With Her Owners!

August 2, 2017

While driving near the intersection of Front Park and the D’Youville Sports Complex (corner of  Porter and Lakeview) in Buffalo yesterday, Rob Lucas spotted a tired looking pooch wandering through Front Park.

The dog looked a little worn and afraid, and seemed like she wanted to get across Porter Avenue, but didn’t want to test the traffic.  So Rob parked his car, went over to the dog and calmly let the dog approach him. Important note:   You should rarely approach a dog you don’t know, as they could be very defensive and aggressive.  Always stay far enough away so you are safe, but close enough to be approachable.

Rob saw the dog had some tags for rabies vaccination and another tag in a heart shape that was hard to read.  The dog was so docile he was able to hold the dog by its collar and call the Buffalo Animal Shelter, with a follow up call to Gina Browning at the SPCA to make sure he was doing the correct thing.  Within 25 minutes, the Buffalo Animal Shelter rescuers arrived, and the pooch was on her way to (hopefully) being reunited with her owner.  But just in case no one has claimed her yet, please check out the pics and see if you know anyone who could be looking for PEBBLES FIGEROA, especially near the Porter Ave area of the west side.

We found out that PEBBLES was her name, as after checking out her pics after getting home, Rob was barely able make out the inscription on one of her dog tags.  If you think you know who Pebbles belongs to, please call the Buffalo Animal Shelter at 716-851-5694