Happy Valentine's Day From Rob Lucas In The Morning!

February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day!  How much did you spend on your sweetheart this year?  CNN shared some Valentine's Day facts including: 

  • 224 million -- The estimated number of roses grown for Valentine's Day
  • 64% -- The percentage of men who buy flowers for Valentine's Day
  • $4.4 billion -- The amount people will spend on diamonds, gold and silver
  • $4.52 -- The average amount pet owners spent on their pets on Valentine's Day 
  • 151 million -- The approximate number of cards that are exchanged on Valentine's Day

On a funnier note, Beaverbrooks Jewelers recently asked 2,000 women to name the worst Valentine's Day gifts they have received. Here are some of the best answers: 

  • baked beans
  • live tarantula
  • an ironing board cover
  • a plastic sheep
  • tire pump
  • a tea bag
  • a bathroom scale
  • a screwdriver set
  • a wheelbarrow
  • a bike pedal
  • a sausage roll
  • cigarettes
  • a toy snake
  • shaving foam
  • dead flowers
  • a colander
  • a torch