Happy National Dog Day! WOOF WOOF

August 26, 2016

Extra treats for Fido today!  It's National Dog Day!  Vets4Pets is out with their annual list of the most unusual items swallowed by dogs. How many of these has your dog has gotten into?

We are a bit confused on how a needle and thread would feel going down.  And just wondering...do you ever turn on your TV to keep your dog company when you're gone?

1 – Underwear of owner’s ‘non-partner’

2 – Riding crop

3 – Carpet thread running from mouth to bottom

4 – Needle and thread

5 – Whole baked potato

6 – Rubber chicken (whole)

7 – Christmas tinsel

8 – Corn on the cob middle

9 – Baby’s dummy teat

10 – Barbie doll head (without hair)