Happy First Day Of Summer From RLITM!

June 21, 2018

Thanks for spending your first day of Summer with STAR 102.5! 

  • 33% of people will call in sick on a sunny Friday this summer.

Office Temp Survey

A survey by News Dash reveals that 47% of workers say their office temp is too cold during the Summer. Other findings:

  • 17% of workers say their office is too hot during Summer months
  •  40% of workers have secretly adjusted their workplace thermostat

Kids Bored On Summer Break

A survey by Nickelodeon reveals that kids get bored just 10 days into their summer vacation. Other findings:

  •  25% of kids get fed up with being told to clean their room
  •  50% of parents look forward to their children returning to school in the fall
  •  70% of parents find it difficult to keep their kids entertained during their summer break.

Summer Slackers

Several surveys reveal that summertime results in less workplace productivity. Other findings:

  • a Grasshopper survey shows that 25% of workers are less productive during the summer
  • a Captivate's survey reveals that 45% of workers feel distracted during the summer, resulting in tasks taking 13% longer to complete
  • a study by the Andrews Sikes Group found that workers take "slightly longer lunch breaks" during the summer
  • a Harvard University study reveals that workers are more focused during "unfavorable" weather conditions

Summer Survey

A survey by the food box company Mindful Chef reveals that the average person spends 33 hours getting in shape for summer. Other findings:

  • the average person spends 53 days getting in shape for summer months.
  • 70% of people plan to lose weight before summer officially starts.
  • 45% of people say warmer weather prompts them to get in shape
  • 40% of people say summer clothes prompts them to get in shape
  • 41% of people say it is harder to eat healthy during the summer because of barbecues and other social event