A Halloween Social Experiment Gone Right...For The Most Part...At Rob Lucas’ House

November 1, 2018

As his wife was working, Rob Lucas was solo handling trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, trying to balance answering the door with keeping his barking dog Penny from running out.  Oh, and he was likely trying to down some Glenlivet at the same time!  So his wife suggested that he simply put out the candy and have kids pick their own treats on an honor system, which he decided to turn it into an experiment on child behavior and honesty.  And It went pretty well!

Through the door he could hear parents telling their kids "just pick a couple leave some for others" and kids talking out loud about what their choices were going to be from the 200 pieces of candy he left out.  But there was one group that put quite a dent in the candy.  At about 6:45 a group of 7-10 BOYS ages 9-13 came to the door, loudly, and started to ransack the "honor candy."  Inside, Rob could even hear one kids saying "Don't take that much...put some back."  So at that point Rob decided to take action, threw open the door, and in a "Beauty And The Beast" beast voice (think the voice from "SAW" as well) said "Are you DONE with your selection?"  The kids were TOTALLY taken by surprise, put back a bunch of the candy, and moved on to the next house.  Funny...and a good Halloween surprise for them!

But overall it was a good experience, and nice to see how the kids took the candy responsibly.  If you are thinking of doing this next year, we recommend:

Have a creative sign  (see pic)

Have the area well lit

Be ready to answer the door, just in case you hear some kids getting out of hand and need to give them a little Halloween "surprise!"

Have enough candy.  We only got about 40 trick-or-treaters, but the 200 pieces of candy was gone by 7:15.   Thanks to the hoodlum boys!