Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas - Producer Jimmy's Take!

July 18, 2016

© Producer Jimmy

Hey, It's Producer Jimmy taking over Rob's blog! Here's what I thought of last night's Demi Lovato-Nick Jonas show!

Mike Posner was the perfect opening act, he kept a restless arena of constantly arriving chatty people under control, involved, and singing along.  However, for an opening act I thought the volume was too loud.

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato were both AMAZING!  Their vocals were so clear, crisp, present (not buried like most concerts) in the sound mix which overall sounded very full and great.  Demi...on top of looking absoultely stunning her voice is incredible, can't believe her vocal range!  Seeing Demi and Nick sing a few songs together midway through broke the show up perfectly and kept things interesting!  The enormous video screen behind the stage was pretty neat but should've more frequently featured clear live video of Demi and Nick on stage/singing so those seated further away could see clearer.  The show seemed to move so fast, the transitions between acts, songs, and Demi & Nick were seemless, and ending at 10 made it seem so much quicker.  Finally, the light show throughout the entire show was spectacular making it easily one of the best concert light shows I've seen!