Coca-Cola Field Will Be Getting A New Name. And Here's What We Came Up With!

March 30, 2018

The Bisons will be looking for a new sponsor for their ballpark in 2019, as Coca-Cola has declined to renew their naming rights.  Through the years, the downtown ballpark has been known as Pilot Field, North Americare Park, Dunn-Tire Park, and the present Coca-Cola Field. 

So we were wondering what a few appropriate "non-sponsor" names could work?  How about these: 

  • "Left Field Would Be Deeper, Except For Those Pesky 190 Ramps Park"
  • "In 15 Years The Bills Could Be Playing Just Blocks Away Ballpark" 
  • "Get A Sunburn On The First Base Side. And Wear A Fleece On The Third Base Side, All In The Same Game Field"
  • "When The Wind Is Right, It's Smells Like Cheerios Field"  

Thoughts? We'll see what the future brings!