Check This Amazing Pic A Buffalonian Took During The Eclipse!

August 22, 2017

Yesterday (Eclipse Monday) we were following along with Producer Erika's boyfriend Christopher Allan, who is so into science that he packed up his telescope and went to one of the epicenters of the eclipse, Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  He and his brother started driving Sunday night at 11, and made it to where they needed to be with a couple of hours to spare, enabling them to find the PERFECT observation spot...among thousands of others who were doing the same thing!  The drive, the set up, was all worth it as he came away with one of the great "science moments of his life," including the attached pic!

He snapped it through his telescope at just the right time, and we know you'll agree, this pic ranks among the best of any pics you may have seen from the major national outlets!  Thanks for sharing Chris!