Bills Tailgating Apparel: What's Old, Is New Again!

September 14, 2018

Bills home opener thoughts from our sports fashionista Producer Rosie:

Football season is here!  This Sunday is the home opener for the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field, and all of the festivities that come along with it.

In Buffalo, football is considered more of a lifestyle than weekly sporting event.  

It's no secret that Buffalo fans are known for their wild tailgating ways. Throwing friends through tables, setting themselves on fire, being covered head to toe in mustard and ketchup, and other crazy happenings.  But in the past few years, tailgating has become the go-to social event for the weekends in the fall.  Maybe it's the trend of getting the best Instagram post, or being around the excitement on game day, but the best place to be is with your friends having a good time at the stadium!

The key to the perfect Instagram post on Football Sunday is the Bills gear you are sporting. The new trend everyone is wearing on Football Sunday?  90s Bills gear!

Bills fans are diving back in time and going into their parents’ closets, local thrift stores, or even Ebay for old school 80s and 90s Bills gear. Whether it’s reminding us of the good old days, or because retro clothes always seem to come back in style, we are going crazy for the old school merchandise!  Sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets are listed on Ebay from $25 to even $200!  Zubaz have also made a comeback, making their iconic stripe pattern a trend found on beer cans and even painted on the side of buses!

It’s true, the 90s are back. Is it because we all want to relive the time when the Bills were at their best? Or is it the new generation of Bills fans who want to know what it was like back in the day?  Whatever the reason, it's officially football season and we're ready to go!  Now let's hope the Bills are too!