Bills LB Retires After 1 Year In NFL

April 7, 2016

Bills linebacker A.J. Tarpley is the latest NFL player to retire after concussions.  What makes this retirement stand out is that it's after just one season of playing professional football. The 23 year old cites his concerns of his health after suffering multiple concussions this past season.

USA TODAY SPORTS has the full story and how player retirements are on the rise, changing the health concerns of the NFL.

Rob Lucas thought:  "Cheers to A.J. for putting health ahead of the money and possible fame the NFL can bring.  I don't know if I would be smart enough to make that choice.  This is why even though I believe the Bills need a new stadium, I'm not in favor of building one, because of timing.  I'm starting to get the feeling that the NFL may not be around in 30 years.  So maybe we build a new soccer stadium or expanded baseball park.  Down the line,  I think those two sports will prosper most from kids playing them instead of football."






Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman via USA TODAY SPORTS