Big Game Predictions! Who's Smarter, Rob Or His Producers?

February 5, 2016

© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So what's your prediction for the Big Game? Here's what the cast of RLITM thinks. Who do you agree with?

Rob sez:   This is a different type of game because I don’t particularly like or hate either team.  If Denver wins, I’m happy for Manning.  If Carolina wins, I’m happy a one loss season wasn’t wasted, and I think they’ve quietly been the best team all year.  Denver’s defense will be the key…without at least an A- game from them the Broncos have no chance.  Cam Newton is superhuman.  Throws a great ball, and can run over people bigger than him.  It seems Tyrod Taylor would love to play like Cam, but he’s just not big enough.  My heart roots for Manning and Denver to win 25-20.  My head says Carolina, 32-19.  Sorry Peyton.  

Rollie Sez: Big Game 50 WOO! First off, thank goodness Brady is watching from his couch. Peyton is one of the classiest humans/athletes I have witnessed. He is a superb player, but I don't think he will keep up with the energized Panthers. (Plus he already has his ring), sooooo CAM CAM HE'S OUR MAN! Watch out, I feel like he is going to have a breakout performance Sunday Night. He will score at least one TD with a celebration "Dab" and the Broncos defense won't be able to take the big guy down. Carolina has the fullest team, it is their time to shine. Panthers 30-13.

Producer Brandi Thinks:  Well since I can’t even tell you what teams are in the Big Game, I don’t think my prediction will hold much weight.  Unless you mean the Puppy Bowl… then I can tell you right now the Golden Retriever always wins!  I only plan to watch the Big Game for the commercials and in hopes that Ozzy Osbourne makes a surprise appearance for the halftime show!  Plus I make a mean chicken wing dip!  Final score prediction:  Whatever score you need to win your Squares!

Producer Jimmy’s Take:  I'm banking on the Bills winning this year's game, my guess on score has been carefully formulated. I added the scores of all previous Super Bowl wins, divided by 49,  Tattoo Girl has at least 4 I added 4, therefore the winning score will be 34 and the loser 26.  However, numbers are not my strongsuit so my addition, division, and number of tattoos could be completely wrong!