And The Betting Lines Are Open For Gaga's Halftime Show Songs!

January 27, 2017


USA Today has a piece on all the wacky big game prop bets, and most importantly they've posted the odds on Lady Gaga's halftime show tunes. Which songs do you want her to perform? 

Odds Lady Gaga’s halftime performance includes the following songs:
Bad Romance: 1/1
Born This Way: 13/2
Edge of Glory: 10/1
Poker Face: 22/1
Paparazzi: 30/1
Perfect Illusion: 35/1
Million Reasons: 40/1
Field: 4/1

Odds on the primary color of Lady Gaga’s hair when she’s first on stage
Blond: 2/3
Brown: 3/1
Pink: 10/1