Rob Lucas Sez: Go Leaf Peeping Without Ever Leaving The City!

October 10, 2016

So you wanna watch the leaves turn, but don't have the time (or in Rob's case, the WANT) to drive to Vermont...or even Letchworth!?  There is fabulous leaf peeping in the heart of the Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park.  While on vacation Rob took his pooch on a trek through Delaware Park.instead of the normal Buffalo Zoo/GolfCourse/Ring Road area, parked on Lincoln Parkway neart the Albright-Knox, and did the route around Hoyt Lake.  A FABULOUS WALK....and much different than the busy North side of the park.  

Start at the Rose Garden/Casino area, and follow the path next to the lake towards Delaware Ave.  It winds it's way to the North side of the lake, and then West back toward the art gallery.  It's incredibly beautiful, peaceful and will only take you 40 minutes max.  And that's if you're going really slow.  The foliage you'll see we'll cover just about everything, and make you feel like you're in the country, not the city.  

If you've been in Buffalo your whole life, and never enjoyed the Hoyt Lake walk...put it on your Buffalo Bucket List!  Oh, and the pics were taken by Rob, not a professional photographer.  It's THAT picturesque!