Terminator3d via Dreamstime

Rob Lucas' Grammy Takeaway!

February 13, 2017
  • 3 hours and 45 min long?  Ridiculous.  Unnecessary.  The Grammy Producer should be fired and made to take a course on the changing of human attention spans, and what people really want to see. The Producer (Ken Erhlich) has been on the show since 1980.  Far too long.  Have Pharrell Williams produce it.  Instantly better.  Or anyone under the age of 45.
  • The Grammy’s used to be the place where you could see the biggest Stars sing the biggest hit of the past year, all in a fast paced presentation.  Now, it’s turned into the biggest stars showcasing their NEXT big song, with so much production that you are distracted from how good the song is. (i.e. Katy Perry).  And it’s not better for it.
  • It’s also turned into Record Labels trying to showcase future stars.  Many of whom, won’t be.
  • When the best part of the night is a sing-a-long for a song that is 46 years old (Sweet Caroline), that tells you something.
  • When the second best part is an artist messing up, that tells you how sterile and boring the night was.  At least we can thank Adele for her honesty.  And swearing.
  • When saluting deceased artists, The Grammy’s need to do nothing more than play videos of that artist in concert.  Having others sing the songs never, ever works.  Why have they not learned this?  Because the Producers have been doing it far too long.
  • Okay Beyonce, we get it.  You’re pregnant.  Now move along!
  • Love Draught.  Should be love drag.  Suitable for Broadway.  Not the Grammy’s.  Most of the Red State people are turning off the TV right now.
  • Bieber and Frank Ocean are right.  The Grammy’s are no longer relevant.  Good for them for recognizing and staying away.