Real PTA Revenge Case Coming To Theaters With Julia Roberts

September 27, 2016
Julia Roberts has agreed to play the PTA mom made famous in the Los Angeles Times series "Framed." Have you not read this yet? Where have you been?

Roberts will play Kelli Peters who was a volunteer at her kids' school in California. One day she opened an outside door to find a student waiting who said he had been locked out for a few minutes after walking back from a class. She comforted him, let him in, and went about her day. The parents of that child later found out about the incident and were enraged. They accused Kelli of mishandling the situation with their precious snowflake and decided to ruin her life by planting drugs in her car and getting her thrown off the PTA and into jail. THIS REALLY HAPPENED.

Luckily, the seasoned police officer who responded to the fake tip realized something was wrong and investigated further, eventually clearing Peter's name and sending the "parents from hell" to jail.

"My whole life is ruined at that moment," Peters told People magazine in February. "That is what I have nightmares about. That moment will never go away."

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today