'Kim Kardsahian Mid-Robbery' And Other Celebrity Halloween Costumes

October 11, 2016

People are planning costumes inspired by celebrities and pop culture - Here are some ideas for you. You'll have to personally decide which are acceptable for your conscience.

Kim Kardashian Mid Robbery - There's a website is selling a
"Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit" and while it doesn't mention the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star by name, it sure looks like her. According to the bag, it comes with a "$4 million ring, fake gag, 2 inches of rope, white sexy robe, long black wig and large sunglasses."

Ken Bone - The adorable mild mannered guy who got up in his red IZOD sweater to ask an environmental question at the last Presidential debate. Too bad Amazon has sold out of the red sweater in every size.

David Bowie, Arnold Palmer, Alan Rickman (Snape), Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Prince, Chyna, Merle Haggard - a nod to those we lost in 2016.

Taylor Swift and her exes - You'll need a group for this one.

Richard Simmons being held hostage by his housekeeper - Couples costume.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anniston - Group costume that's not the cast of Game of Thrones or Stranger Things.

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today