TV Shows That Need To Be On DVD (pt 2)

September 17, 2017

Here's a few more shows that haven't been released on DVD yet & never get shown on TV.  Again there's a lot of 80's shows - my list from the 90's & beyond is almost non-existent as those are usually easy to find online (but I def included more of them this time)...

The Lost Saucer  (1975):  A Saturday morning show about bumbleheaded aliens who abduct two earthlings - weird fun!
George Burns Comedy Week  (1985):  Like a comedy Twilight Zone
Leo & Liz In Beverly Hills  (1986):  A spin-off from George Burns Comedy Week that was like a long Carol Burnett Show sketch
Free Spirit  (1989):  An updated Bewitched
The Pitts  (2003):  This was just plain weird - almost like a cartoon in real life
The Nutt House  (1989):  A Mel Brooks sitcom!  Anything he does is brilliant
Night Visions  (2001):  An updated Twilight Zone (yes, I love Twilight Zone stuff)
Alright Already  (1997):  Pretty much Seinfeld but with a female lead
Hard Time On Planet Earth  (1989):  About an alien & his floating robot wandering earth
Out Of This World  (1987):  A little like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch but many years earlier.  This one was a little successful & lasted 4 seasons, but still never gets seen
VR.5  (1995):  An awesome sci-fi show that FOX messed up & it got cancelled way too soon
Do Over  (2002):  A really cool premise done well about a guy that gets to relive his childhood.  I'm a huge fan of time travel things
Style & Substance  (1998):  A classic sitcom feel that rarely happens anymore
Bigfoot & Wildboy  (1977):  A Saturday morning show about Bigfoot helping people
Women In Prison  (1987):  Just the title makes me want to see this.  And Wendie Jo Sperber was in it, so it was definitely funny (well, at least the clips I've seen online are)
Woops!  (1992):  A sitcom about the end of the world & the few survivors remaining (Santa Claus even makes an appearance lol)