TV Shows That Need To Be On DVD (pt 1)

September 16, 2017

All those video tapes in the pic above have really obscure TV shows on them.  Stuff that's never shown on TV anymore and has never appeared on DVD.

But transferring them is a giant pain.  So I keep holding out hope they'll eventually get released on DVD.

One of my top 10 DVD wish list shows recently got a DVD release.  Angie - a sitcom I remember watching in reruns when I was a kid.  Unfortunately, most of the episodes are the syndicated cut versions on the DVD set, but at least it's something.

Side note - music rights aside (because that's not the case with Angie) why would they even bother putting all the effort into releasing a show if it's not the full episodes?  And then why put the episodes in the wrong order on the DVD?!  It's so easy to just look up the correct episode orders online for anything.

But back to the main reason for this post.  A list of obscure / rarely seen shows that need to be given a DVD release.  Here's my current top 10 most wanted (mostly 80's because most stuff unreleased since then is easy to find online)...

The Charmings  (1987):  With all the fairy tale stuff out there (ABC's Once Upon A Time just keeps going & going), so you'd think this would be an obvious choice for DVD
Land Of The Lost  (1991):  The full 70's version is available, so why not this one too!  Yeah, some episodes were a little too heavy with the morals, but many had some pretty awesome stories that even rivaled the original
Nightmare Cafe  (1992):  It had a very weird Twilight Zone feel & Freddie Kruger was in it (well the guy who played him at least)
Day By Day  (1988):  Julia Louis-Dreyfus right before Seinfeld - for that reason alone, this should be released
Easy Street  (1986):  A classic sitcom feel and one I'd really love to see again.  Lifetime had reruns for a long time, so that helped more people become familiar with it
Marblehead Manor  (1987):  This was just pure slapstick - I'd totally binge watch this all in a couple days
I Married Dora  (1987):  The premise was so wrong but the ending has gone down in sitcom history as one of the best failed sitcom wrap-ups ever
On The Air  (1992):  Mark Frost & David Lynch did a comedy after Twin Peaks ended.  This is as weird as you'd expect
It's Like You Know  (1999):  It's like Seinfeld, but in L.A.
Rocky Road  (1985):  Ran on TBS for 3 seasons.  It was cheesy and all, but I loved it.  This is easily the longest shot of all to ever end up on DVD

I'll do another post with more shows that deserve a DVD release soon...