October's New-To-Me Food

October 31, 2017

This month it was lo mein at a Chinese buffet (the second Chinese buffet I've ever ate at in my life).  I actually surprised myself liking it - ended up getting three helpings.  An egg roll was also new to me - kind of a blah taste especially after the lo mein.

Then there was the other stuff I got.  Yes, I got ripped on for getting mac & cheese and pizza, but I had to try a little of it.  Also loved the banana pudding and ambrosia desserts.

And then the dreaded raw clam.  Clams were my new-to-me food in July - I tried them steamed and as clams casino and liked both.  That was a spooky one as my Mom is allergic to clams (clams casino really messed her up before) so I wasn't sure how that would go.  There were no problems though.  But last night, problem.

Maybe it was just the one clam I had that was bad because my buddy had one and was fine.  An hour or so later, I definitely was not.  Or maybe clams raw is a thing I should just avoid (for these reasons I won't name the restaurant because it might be a me thing).  I will say though the raw clam was instantly disgusting - wanted to spit it out but knew I'd never live that down lol.

So rough night, but lo mein another successful new-to-me food.  Sure hoping November's food is not something raw that used to swim!