New To Me Foods 2017...

July 22, 2017

It started last December when me & my friends were out eating wings and they realized how many foods I've never tried.  I tend to stick to my favorites (pasta, pizza & wings).  So they put together a list of foods I've never had and decided I'd try a new one every month this year.  It's 50/50 so far for what I've liked.

Here's the list...

January:  Pho - We ate this at some Vietnamese restaurant.  The place smelled awesome, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the pho.  I'm not the biggest fan of soup for a meal and that's basically what this was.....but bland.

February:  Hummus - I don't understand hummus.  Why eat this when you could have nacho cheese, salsa, or queso? 

March:  Lobster - Me & my buddy Shawn had this in Lobsicle form (lobster on a stick) in Vegas.  This was awesome!

April:  Stuffed Hot Peppers - Growing up, my Grandma would always make stuffed hot peppers for almost every family meal.  Yet I never tried them because she'd also make ravioli for me & her, so I'd always fill up on that and the meatballs.  I regret not trying her stuffed hot peppers as they were probably the best ever.  I loved the ones I had at Jim's SteakOut though & now order them as a side when I go.

May:  Calamari - If it's deep fried, I'm probably going to like it.  So this was a win.

June:  Sushi - This one made me the most nervous to try, but I won't say no to any of the new foods thrown at me.  We did this as a sushi buffet so I got to try a bunch of varieties.  I wasn't a fan of the standard ones, but the weird Buffalo wing or other specialty ones weren't awful.  That's the best I can say about sushi.

July's new food will happen in the next week.  I'm gonna be left in the dark on this one, but I'll post it on Twitter when it happens.  Follow me @JohnAnthony1025 or on Instagram at johnanthonyspinridefan