Mac Attack 2018

January 29, 2018

Of all the events our stations do, this is my favorite.  Taste testing mac & cheese!  There was 18 different mac & cheeses to try this year. 

My #1 favorite was the mac & cheese that couldn't be judged because they were the main sponsor - that's the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute.  Compared to the themed macs at most other places, this was far more traditional (with some spices & extras thrown in).  I will dream of this mac & cheese for many weeks to come.  Yes, it was that good.

My other favorites...

Kegler's at Transit Lanes:  BBQ  (I need to eat here now)

Mineo & Sapio:  Spicy Italian  (reminded me of something my Grandma used to make, so of course a win)

Fat Bob's Smokehouse:  Memphis  (it didn't look very mac & cheesy, but mmm mmm it tasted sooo good)

SEAR Steakhouse:  Bacon Mac  (you almost can't go wrong with bacon)

Mooney's:  Stuffed Banana Pepper  (yeah, they're known for mac & cheese and this is why - my favorite of all the specialty ones they have)

The order of the mac & cheese in the pic below (left to right)...

1 - Loose Cannon Food Truck: Nashville Hot Chicken
2 - Remington Tavern: Chicken Gouda
3 - Chiavetta's: Pulled Pork
4 - Bluefire Grill:  Roasted Winter Squash
5 - Mooney's:  Stuffed Banana Pepper
6 - Griffon Gastropub:  Quack Mac
7 - Lloyd Taco Factory:  Chorizo
8 - SEAR Steakhouse:  Bacon Mac
9 - This Little Pig:  Stuffed Poblano Pepper
10 - Fat Bob's Smokehouse:  Memphis
11 - Village Inn:  Traditional
12 - The Sterling:  Banana Pepper
13 - Keglers at Transit Lanes:  BBQ
14 - The Plaka Restaurant:  Plaka Mac
15 - The Grapevine:  Lobster
16 - Schnitzel & Co.:  Swiss German
17 - Mineo & Sapio:  Spicy Italian
18 - Niagara Falls Culinary Institute:  Traditional