Disc Golf In Buffalo

August 6, 2017

It's been a bad year for disc golfing thanks to all the rain - didn't think the parks would ever dry up!

But finally got out to play the other day.  I'm not the best, but usually get just a little above par on some of my favorite courses.

In case you don't know what disc golf is, it's basically golf with a frisbee.  Obviously no holes, instead there's cages you shoot the disc into.  (And for the record, if it's not mini-golf or golf on GTA, I'm not a fan.  But with frisbees, absolutely!)

There's about 20 courses within 30 miles of us and a bunch of them are excellent.  My favorites include Beaver Island State Park, Joseph Davis State Park, Pinewoods Park, Chestnut Ridge, Angry Apple (Darien Center) & Black Diamond (South Wales).  Check DG Course Review to see them all.

And hey if you're ever up for a game, shoot me a message - I'm always ready to go!