December's New-To-Me Food

January 1, 2018

The final new-to-me food of 2017 was pasta carbonara.  I've had all the ingredients before, but never combined this way.

This (along with stuffed hot peppers) ended up being my favorite new food of the year - awesome way to end.

And even better, it was homemade!  Not be me, but by my friends who set this whole thing up.

Found a bunch of foods that have become favorites thanks to this, so definitely gonna continue through 2018.  But want to step it up a notch.  Would love some suggestions and want to push the limits this year with foods that go way outside what I (or anyone lol) would normally want to eat.  Suggest away on my Twitter page @JohnAnthony1025 or on Instagram at johnanthonyspinridefan.

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