Cranger Kirmes - Breakdance

May 8, 2017

Amusement park & carnival season is here!  One of my favorite things is riding crazy spinning / flipping rides (spin-n-spews lol).  Lucky for me I have yet to find one that makes me sick.

Going to share some of my favorites here over the next few days as I anxiously await my first spin ride road trips of the year.

I'll start with the ultimate in crazy - the Breakdance.  How we don't have one of these at any of our local parks is a giant mystery to me.  It's like a Scrambler gone crazy.  And the best part, if manually controlled every ride can be dramatically different.

While the former Astroland Breakdance in NYC was one of the best manually run rides, the one I got to ride at the Cranger Kirmes in Herne, Germany was the coolest experience.  Even waiting to get on the ride was a thrill.  You had to stand right up next to the fast moving platform!

Lisa, Kyle & I waited for the ride to stop to get on and ended up missing the next ride....because the platform never stopped as people got off & on.  Rules are different over there.  We saw one woman fall getting out of her car and then slide right off the platform - the ride op actually jumped over her to help other people into their cars (she was ok and laughed it off - here that would have been a lawsuit lol).  That happened seconds after I stopped the video so missed that.  The speed the platform is moving at the beginning of the vid is just a little faster than what you had to jump on!

Just for the record, all the ride videos I post were either taken by me or my friends as I rode.

Another crazy ride video tomorrow...