BeaverTails mmmmmm

June 22, 2017

These are amazing, especially the maple one!  I'll be eating a few of these when I'm on-air live from Canada's Wonderland tomorrow (June 23) from 3p - 6p.

In addition to the food, did you know Canada's Wonderland is tied for 2nd in the world for the most roller coasters in a park?!  Cedar Point always gets the media attention, but they've got the same # of coasters as Canada's Wonderland (check out the ranking on this site).  (Btw the 2 parks are owned by the same company.)

One of my favorite things about Canada's Wonderland is they don't focus only on roller coasters - they've also got one of the coolest selection of flat / spin rides anywhere.  Here's my favorite (which I'll be riding a lot between on-air breaks)...