2 Awesome TV Shows You Need To See

August 2, 2017

I normally never promote TV shows online because I'd much rather everyone listen to Star (especially if the shows are opposite my shift lol).  But now no one watches shows when they're actually scheduled, so it doesn't matter anymore.

There's two shows airing now that I love so much, I've already watched the full first seasons of each multiple times...

THE GOOD PLACE (NBC):  I originally skipped watching it because the promos made it look blah.  But then was bored one day and watched the first two episodes - I was instantly hooked and flew through the full season of 13 episodes.  This is brilliantly written television.

A lot of the things that made the TV show Lost great are included in this show - things like episode ending cliffhangers, extreme attention to episode by episode continuity and obvious mid-episode plots that end up going in a completely different direction than expected.  Another big plus to me:  Jameela Jamil (my favorite actress right now).  Every second she's on the screen is awesome - her character is written perfectly and she runs with it.

The premise:  a woman (Kristen Bell) dies in a ridiculous way and ends up in The Good Place with her perfect soulmate.  The problem is she wasn't meant to go there and things get crazy.  Ted Danson also stars and this is the role he was meant to play - perfect casting (and all around).

The new season debuts next month - catch up now!


PEOPLE OF EARTH (TBS):  Another show I skipped watching when the first season aired because it looked too cheesy even for me.  But once again boredom got to me, I watched an episode and couldn't believe I almost missed seeing this.

It's about a group of Experiencers, people who believe they've been abducted by aliens.  It was ok at first - and then the scene with the aliens happened.  The parts with the aliens are by far my favorite parts of this show.  For those scenes, think The Office but with aliens.  And then Ana Gasteyer is in it too which guarantees awesome.

This segment for YouTube perfectly shows why I'm obsessed with the show - just weird & fun!  The 2nd season is underway now.