Fake Justin Bieber Arrested

January 17, 2017

A man was allegedly posing as Justin Bieber, and getting the singer's underage fans to send him nude photos. He has been arrested.


The guy, identified as Bryan Asrary, was picked up for reportedly using Bieber's (since deleted) Instagram page to find young female fans.

In 2014, Asrary allegedly first made contact with the young female in a direct message on Instagram, and claimed he was friendly with Bieber and could get the singer to text her. After falsely gaining her confidence, Asrary then pretended to be Bieber, allegedly telling the girl to send him nude photos of herself. He supposedly even threatened the girl with bodily harm if she didn't comply.

Eventually, the girl informed her mother of what was happening, and the police intervened.

TMZ reports the creeper admitted that not only had he extorted this particular youngster, but that he had also allegedly deceived other people into sending him nude images.

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today