Amazon Has A New Technique To Crack Down On Bogus Reviews

November 28, 2016
Many people, myself included, use Amazon customer reviews to help make purchasing decisions. Because of that it is very important to make sure they remain at a certain level of quality.

This week Amazon announced they would be limiting users to 5 reviews per week unless they are a verified purchaser of the item. The other exceptions are reviews for books, movies, and music.

Personally I love this idea. If you're posting more than 5 reviews a week you're probably getting paid to do it. That makes your reviews biased. It also drives me crazy when people post ridiculous second hand reviews on sites like Yelp: "I've never eaten here, but I heard the bus boy's cousin's aunt once jaywalked and I don't support criminals." I wish all reviews required verified purchases!"

-Mike Draup

Photo: © Alexey Novikov |